Systems Services - Fluid Power, Closed Loop Control, Maintenance and Safety Training

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Fluid Power, Closed Loop Control, Maintenance and Safety Training
Specialist fluid power motion control training delivered by experts with practical experience. Systems Services range of standard & bespoke training courses are ideal for engineers and technicians who need to acquire multi-disciplinary skills.

Training Brochure 

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The training courses are built up from the following standard modules.

  • Competence Assessment  For all companies in today's pressurised work environment the requirement to be competent to carry out any task is essential and in the hazardous environment of the test laboratory competence is paramount.
    • As part of their training process Systems Services offer assessment of competence.  This aspect of our training helps to promote SQEP (Suitably Qualified Engineering Personnel) certification.
    • In addition ISO9001 states:   The organization shall:………… ensure that the persons are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training or experience…..  (BS EN ISO9001:2015, S7.2).

Each of the standard modules is designed to be presented across a wide range of skill levels. Hence the same course may be presented to a group with minimal experience and later to a group with high levels of experience but wishing to cover some topics in more depth.

The introductory courses are ideal to ensure that all members of the team have received the same standard of basic training before some members move on to more advanced tuition.

Systems Services incorporate the following for each delegate in each training module:

  • Full training notes.
  • A copy of the course notes.
  • A package of useful information relevant to the course completed.
  • A course completion certificate to add to his or her training portfolio. 
What our customers say...

“We all enjoyed and benefited from the two training courses which you provided at the end of each phase of the move, and the practical sessions afterwards. Again the detailed documentation that accompanied the course has proved to provide an excellent reference source and aide memoir to the operation of the rigs. The presentations themselves were quite the best I have seen particularly as they were produced specifically for our needs and incorporated excellent photographs and schematics of the equipment."
Peter Ford – Global Marine Systems

Quotes - Safety in the laboratory

“Excellent presentation reinforcing basic safety which is sometimes forgotten.”

“This course has been very helpful for me to complete risk assessments as part of my university course.”

“Very worthwhile attending.”

Quotes - Introduction to servo mechanisms

“The passing round of physical components e.g. load cells and servo valves helped to visualise their operation within the iron bird rig application.”
BAE Systems

“An informative & well presented course.”

“A very useful course for the beginner.”

Quotes - Bespoke Training

“The course completed by Steven was extremely useful and very well explained.  It is clear that Steven is not only knowledgeable but is proficient in teaching and getting his point across.  Although the course was squeezed into one day and was quite intense with regards to the amount of data proffered that needed to be learned, I felt that nothing was left out and everything was explained fully.  Thanks.”