Systems Services - Management

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With over 30 years experience and expertise Systems Services provide Calibration, Maintenance, Procurement and Systems Project Management.

Maintenance / Calibration Management

If you’re testing equipment looks like this with a wide range of equipment purchased over many years from a diverse range of manufacturers.

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Then do the following difficulties exist:

  • Is it difficult to keep control of the service contracts?
  • Do you have a variety of calibration due dates?
  • Do you have to create and issue numerous purchase orders?
  • Is organising site visits an administrative nightmare?

Systems Services will completely run the maintenance of any laboratory with a single purchase order and, for a guaranteed fixed budget, ensure that all machines are serviced and calibrated exactly when due and to the relevant Standards.

Procurement Management

Systems Services proven six step procurement approach ensures that your system will be capable of both achieving and maintaining its performance.

Stage 1 - Initial concepts.
Stage 2 - Specification writing.
Stage 3 - Obtaining proposals.
Stage 4 - Progress manfacturing.
Stage 5 - Supervise commissioning.
Stage 6 - Final acceptance.

Systems Project Management

If you have a short to medium term resource shortage then Systems Services can provide skilled resources to ensure that projects are completed on time and to budget.

What our customers say...

"I need my laboratory to function, since using Systems Services to manage our maintenance I have improved machine up time and obtained more time to look at the work we complete rather than the internal issues within the lab."