Systems Services - Installation and Relocation

Photo courtesy BA Systems
Installation and Relocation
At Systems Services we recognise the hassle and distraction that test equipment installation and relocation can cause. Our extensive experience and expertise ensure that equipment installation and relocation happen on time and within budget.

Installation of new equipment

  • Systems Services offer a complete mechatronic design & installation service for both existing and new systems.
  • Typical installation process:
    1. Systems Services will visit the proposed site of a new hydraulic ring main.
    2. Establish hydraulic and electrical requirements.
    3. Prepare detailed proposals.
    4. Once proposals are approved carry out full installation, flushing, commissioning, acceptance and training.

Re-location of existing equipment

  • Systems Services have efficiently and cost effectively completed many relocation projects and have developed an excellent team of relocation specialists.
  • Systems Services will project manage the complete re-location exercise, from the moment the power at the old site is switched off until full operations of the calibrated laboratory commence.
  • Systems Services recognise “the devil is in the detail” so we will ensure everything is considered from civil engineering, building works and all electrical, mechanical and Heating & Ventilation services.

What our customers say...

"It was never going to be an easy task to dismantle large and unwieldy test equipment with complicated control systems, and then get it up and running again in a new location. However your meticulous attention to detail and the careful way in which everything was transported enabled the process to happen both smoothly and efficiently. Despite its age the tensile equipment is now running well, and providing consistent reliable results."
Global Marine Systems

“Systems Services have successfully upgraded four uni-axial test machines here at the Brough-based Structural Test Facility, where we undertake structural qualification work on many military aircraft components and structures. The upgrade work was carried out in a professional manner, respecting tight constraints on both timescales, machine down-time and budget. The system operators are very pleased with the systems, which now offer improved reliability, functionality and ease of use.”
Colin Lattimore, BAE Systems