Systems Services - Engineer on call

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Engineer on call
Systems Services 'Engineer On Call'- Systems Services engineers operating your own test facilities, when you need it - and only when you need it.
  • You need to retain your own test facility, but ideally may prefer to 'call in' your experienced engineers only as and when you need them. With Systems Services 'Engineer On Call':
    • we come to you.
    • we operate your own facilities.
    • we charge only for the days you need us at a single flat day rate.
  • A simple annual audit by Systems Services ensures our engineers are familiar with your full safety and operating procedures, leaving our experienced engineers to simply arrive when needed, and start work.
  • Systems Services premium call out despatches an engineer to your site within 24 hours.
  • With ‘Engineer on Call’ short and long term contracts are available.

Click here to contact senior consultant Stephen Barrett to discuss the engineer on call options.

What our customers say...

"It is critical that downtime on our test facilities is kept to a minimum. We find that with Systems Services ‘Engineer on Call’ we meet our required targets."